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~Welcome to the Birth Announcements~

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Welcome to Arab Talk's free birth announcement service! Announce your new little bundle of joy to the internet community by sending us an email with information on your foal, as well as a picture of them after their arrival.

We hope you enjoy our birth announcements and all of the adorable foals showcased on this page!

~Announcing the Arrivial Of:~

*~Hillside Arabians~*
January 5, 1999
Born January 5, 1999 HS Tajshaa. NSH, IAHA, and ASHA eligible. By the straight Egyptain, Al Khamsa son of *Farazdac, TAJHAN; and out of the Black Saddlebred daughter of Hot Commodity, MIDNIGHT MEDAGLIA. Tajshaa is HUGE, refined, correct, upright, and GORGEOUS! Contact Hillside Arabians at for more information.

*~Double F Farm*~
January 29, 1999
MB Faridah and MB Mistaz would like to announce the birth of their first beautiful daughter together. She arrived sometime between 7 and 12 PM Fri Jan 29/99. She has a gorgeous, exotic head, long, refined legs and a wonderfully laid back shoulder. She has a huge star and four white socks. Unfortunately all that chrome will disappear when she turns grey. She wasn't due til the 10th of Feb, but must be as patient as her stepmom. Both mom and baby are doing fine and dad is reported to be very proud. A name has not been picked yet, but hopefully soon. This little girl will have a little stable mate sometime around the 19th of Feb when Bint El Shams (Dalul x Shams) and Safeen (Ibn Safinaz x Abitibi Madeena) announce the birth of their bouncy baby foal. Proud step-parents Fred & Bonnie Follings Double 'F' Farm

February 21, 1999
My mare, Loves Obsession (Safire x SS Nitaborra) foaled early Sunday, February 21st at 2:07 AM to a 4 legged bay stud colt. He is very cute! The proud owners of this stud colt is Linda DeBrower and family. They leased her out this past year again for breeding, however, this was her last foal that is to be born. After the foaling she had complications and I came close to losing her. Below is the summary of what I went through after the colt was born...
A lot of things have been happening that took an emotional toll on myself and my health. For starters, this past Saturday, my mare started showing the first stages of giving birth and the morning of the 21st at 2:07 AM, she had a healthy 4 legged bouncing baby boy!! Had news my mare was acting a little strange that night and she was fine when we checked on her and baby at 2 AM. The next morning she was not acting good--they gave her Banamine, a pain killer, and she didn't do anything. I came and helped out with chores, then she made a turn for the worse. She wanted to go down and stay down, along with roll a little. I kept walking her and she still wanted to go down--the vet showed up and he infused her once and then did nasal tubing 2 times to clean out her system. He suggested to have her go up to the vet hospital here in town. We took her and baby here and the prognosis was not good. She had coliced worse this time and the only way to save her was through surgery, however, it was very expensive and I already informed them that I cannot afford the surgery. I was crying all afternoon and evening, not leaving her side. I saw her in pain and the drugs wore off and she was getting worse. My sister and mother came over about 9:30 PM and my sister was an angel in disguise--she told me that Wilma will be having the surgery. I told her no she is not because I cannot afford the surgery and she says yes she is because she will pay for everything! A lifesaver and words couldn't express what she did for me. I have had this mare for about 8 years now and we have gone through a lot. Her chance of survival through the surgery was not good, however, she pulled through and through recovery. The surgery took a little over 2 hours and then recovery another hour. Everything was done at 4 AM and the vet left, along with the assitants, however, my friend and I stayed. It was hard I tell you. She is like my own kid and I love her very much!! I left about 7:15 AM and didn't get much sleep--kept waking up on the hay bale checking on her and the little colt. She is not passing much milk to the baby, therefore, they had to tube him and bottle feed him. Poor guy. I went home briefly and my sister came back with me within the next hour. The vet showed up again and told me I need to go home and get some sleep since she is doing fine for now, however, right now she is still critical--we need to take everything 1 day at a time. I did follow her orders and went home and slept until 4:30 PM. I got up and headed back out there to the hospital to check on her. Her bloodwork came back within the normal range and they took her off from fluids. She is producing a little more milk for the baby, however, still has a long stretch to go. Everyday is still critical for her. She only got a handful of hay and tomorrow 1/2 flake of hay. Only time will tell how she is doing and the good Lord is watching over us.
Here is the update for today, Tuesday, February 24--they put her back on fluids because she is not drinking enough water. They are still tubing the baby and are going to try a new drug on Wilma, the mare, to see if she will produce more milk for the baby. The blood tests are within normal range. She is passing stools, however, not much at this time. They are going to increase her feed sometime today. That is the update for now on her. Sheila Killham

*~Double F Farm~*
February 25, 1999

Announcing the arrival of SHAMEEN (pending) on Feb 25/99. Proud parents are Safeen (Ibn Safinaz x Abitibi Madeena) x Bint El Shams (Dalul x Shams). He made a grand entrance 6 days late. He's very correct and has that wonderful Safeen temperament. And those ears! At 2 hrs he was trying to run, jump and snort. He will be a handful for us and mom who is blind. At this point he is a rich chestnut with only a few wispy white hairs where a star would be. Double 'F' Frm Fred & Bonnie Follings Ontario Canada

*~Mountain Spring Farm~*
March 14, 1999

What a surprise to find during the largest snowstorm of the year in PA ! A big, chocolate chestnut colt foaled March 14, by the AL Khamsa, Asil, Blue List mare, Rhiannon CHF ( EA Salute x LD Abba Isis), a Babson Egyptian/Davenport mare bred to our Black Asil, Al Khamsa Egyptian stallion, Kahream. This colt has a presence about him already and a beautiful head and neck, with a dark shade of liver . Pics soon !!! and visit our site: Thanks, Lesley Detweiler Mountain Spring Farm

*~Triple Y Arabians~*
March 16, 1999

Our gorgeous Padron daughter gave birth to a stunning bay filly on March 16th! It was her first foal, and she did it all by herself, the filly was up nursing by the time we got out to the barn! This filly is built! And, she has a babydoll head, tippy ears, and huge, soft eyes. She's sired by SL Capaccino, and definitely has his size, presence, and disposition. Congratulations to "Charisma's" new owners. David & Phyllis Lehman, who are eagerly waiting for their new baby to be weaned and come home!

*~Arabians In Motion~*
March 22, 1999

Arabians In Motion announces the birth of an incredible PINTO colt born March 22, 1999. Sire is Cappuccino Royale and dam is an Alada Baskin daughter. His name is Alada Color and he will be registered with IAHA, PtHA, and NSH. He is not only cute, but very correct, upright, athletic, and has a gorgeous head! He's also very friendly and goes up to complete strangers to be petted. This is one awesome colt!! He's going to be a winner!!

*~Republic Arabians, Ed Allison*~
March 22, 1999

This black tobiano filly was born 3-22-99. She is out of a Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse mare named Bonaldo Jet and is proudly owned by Edward Allison of Brooksville, Florida. Ed has named this pinto Half Saddlebred filly, Cappuccino's Puzzle.

*~Mose Arabians~*
March, 1999

Three new babies to report -- 3/11/99 (El Majiid x Tajique [x Shaikh Al Badi]) chestnut Straight Egyptian filly - her momma died shortly after birth, but this little orphan is thriving and looks fabulous - totally exotic in type! Majique MA is her name! Recently sold to Marlene and Barney Ashner, Overland Park, KS. 3/13/99 (Glorieta Monhalim x AAF Summer Breeze [x Sid Farasha]) grey Straight Egyptian colt, Rafiq Hanuun is a beautiful upright and fancy colt, the first straight egyptian foal by the elderly Glorieta Monhalim (21 years young! and no foals for 12 years). Owned by Amy and Kerry Cone of Freeland, MI. 3/23/99 (El Majiid x Fa Maronique [x Ramses Maris]) grey Straight Egyptian colt, tall and exotic in type, definite show attitude too! Owned by Adam and Maria Maronowski of Gaylord, MI. 3/24/99 (Hehtif x Ramses Kora [x *Lancers Sahm]) chestnut Straight Egyptian filly, tall and extreme, gorgeous filly, now owned by Christine Warren and Phyllis Baker of Kingman, AZ. 3/25/99 (El Majiid x Nashita Ajiba [x The Egyptian Prince]) grey Straight Egyptian filly, tall and exotic in type, big pretty pretty girl. Offered for sale too!! That's it for now. You can see them at slmose/foals.html and just click on the baby photo! Thanks, Sheri Mose Mose Arabians

*~Lew Stewart & Madeline McDonald~*
April 1, 1999

Well, here's another one! This bay tobiano, NSH, half arabian colt sired by Cappuccino Royale and was born on 4-1-99. He is owned by Madeline McDonald and Lew Stewart of Blackstock, South Carolina. They like their colt so much - they re-bred the same mare back to Cappuccino! The dam of this outstanding colt is THA Angyl Bay, a purebred Arabian mare.

*~Arabians in Motion~*
April 12, 1999

announces the birth of a fantastic chestnut colt born April 12, 1999. His sire is National Champion *FAIRVIEW KLASSIQUE and his dam is a Promotion daughter. He is a large handsome colt, very correct, and moves like an English Pleasure champion already. He will most likely shed out to a dark chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail - and with his three white feet and a his large white star - he won't be overlooked in the show ring!!

*~Holly Myers~*
April 16, 1999
This bay tobiano colt by Calypso Bay was born on 4-16. He is only a few hours old in this photo! He is owned by Holly Myers of Terrell, Texas. His name is HM Count Calypso and his dam is the PtHA mare, Myers Contessa. From the photo if appears that he may be pinto homozygous (he is pending bloodtyping). And, he is available for sale. Ms. Myers can be reached through Republic Arabians as she does not have an Email address listed. If you are interested, send us Email and we'll get more info to you!

*~Cinnamon Farm~*
April 21, 1999

C & N Arabians would like to announce for Cinnamon Farm - April 21,1999 black bay filly. Sire is Manjana Bey (Sheikh El Bey++ by Shamruk++ X Canyon Winjana by Winraff++). Dam is a Quarter Horse mare. C & N Arabians Nathan and Corinna Nilson Email:

*~Diamond J Farm~*
April 23, 1999

This foal is by Country Side, a TB son of Secretariat, and out of HT My Love, an Arab Mare. That makes this precious filly an Anglo-Arab. She is already sold. Doesn't she look purebred? -Joycelyn Kasmir Diamond J Farms

*~C&N Arabians~*
May 10, 1999
Chestnut colt. Solid upright colt with a gorgeous head. Sire is Manjana Bey (Sheikh El Bey++ by Shamruk++ X Canyon Winjana by Winraff++). Dam is Pride Sonbolah (Namr by *Asadd++ X SE Royal Contessa by HiFashion Imperal++). C & N Arabians -

*~Bonnie Bynaker~*
May 18, 1999

Look at this beautiful Half Saddlebred, Pinto filly by Cappuccino Royale! She was born on 5-18 and her new owner is absolutely delighted with the outcome!!! She is named: Expresso Gingerale. Her proud owner is Bonnie Bynaker of Germantown, Maryland. Want to tell Bonnie how much you like her filly? She can be reached via email at:">

*~Jody & Faith Hartzell~*
May, 1999

hello! I would love to show off my new colt! TSF Chandramyst is out of my Anglo-Arabian mare Mystic Mirage by the Arabian stallion, Bandrada, owned by JKP Arabians. He was born on Memorial Day weekend under a full moon, The name Chandra is sanskrit for "Moon". Known as Chantry this colt is the first one for Mirage and I am positively delighted with how well he turned out! I wanted to share Chantry with everyone.

*~Moon Shadow Arabians~*
May 28, 1999

Moon Shadow Arabians of Branchport NY is proud to announce the birth or M.S. Royal Prophesy born on May 28, 1999 at 11:00PM. Prophesy is a 7/8 Arab colt. He is bay with 3 white stockings just like his Daddy. Prophesy is by RSA Prophet (owned by Randy Stoneback in Oxford, PA) and out of my 3/4 Arab Mare Royal Onyx. M.S. Royal Prophesy is 55.12% ECAHS certified Crabbet. He's got a nice, typey head, long legs, a nice shoulder, etc. etc. etc. He is my first foal so as you can see I am quite proud and excited with him. Enjoy his photos. Moon Shadow Arabians, Sari Bolnick and George Tears

*~John & Peggy Foulston~*
June 19, 1999

This outstanding bay tobiano Calypso Bay colt was born on 4-19-99. He is pinto, National Show Horse, Half Arabian and owned by John and Peggy Foulston of Wichita, Kansas. Isn't he a cutie??? His dam is the Arabian mare, Jihan.

*~Ashmere Arabians~*
Ashmere Arabians is proud to announce their 1999 foals. 1. Ashmere Atiyi (pending). A spectacular "Blue List"-Egyptian filly by Zzahaar x Kamala Jauhara. This filly is double RAS El Sareei breeding!! (Kuhaylah Hafiyah strain). 2. Ashmere Khemal (pending). A gorgeous Straight Egyptian - "Blue List" colt. He is by Zzahaar (our *Tuhotmos grandson) and out of Hafaz Almas (a *Farazdac daughter). This long awaited colt is triple Alaa El Din bred and will be retained by Ashmere Arabians. 3. Ashmere Ibn Sizzler (pending). This colt is a half Arabian / Pinto (sorral and white). By Saddle Mountain Sizzler (a double Versary Bar bred sorral overo stallion) and out of Dahin Sabiha (a *Rasheek daughter). This colt is huge with minimal white but marked really well and is qualified for Pinto color registration. There is a picture of Ashmere Atiyi on our web site. Will try to update it soon. The "boys" were born 3 days ago and yesterday respectively, so hope to have pictures on our site within the week! We still have one more mare to foal out. That baby is due July 25th. Will let you all know when it arrives! Patti Meek Ashmere Arabians Website:

*~Arabians Hills~*
Pleased to announce our three foals for 1999. Black/grey colt by Thee Desperado out of the mare Bluewater Indigo [Nabiel]. BIG & Bold have the sweet nature ever! We have found the golden cross with our Nabiel daughter and Thee Desperado. He photo don't do him justice. Chestnut filly by The Minstril out of Ombre Rose. Rose has produced her first foal which looks like the filly has out done her dam! Chestnut colt by TH Babylon and out of our mare Nusong. Very refined colt! Our babies can be viewed at

*~Sunrise Arabians~*
June 12, 1999

Born at, Sunrise Arabians Etc June 12, 1999, a beautiful filly. Sotepsserendipity (Sara), (Soteps Silver Sun x Celena Rosa). Even though she comes from two gray parents we are expecting her to stay bay as there aren't any gray hairs at all. Her sire is certified 60.55% Crabbet, she is sweet and loves to be with people. So far her movement is awesome and she seems to be a willing, quick learner. She is offered for sale, for information e-mail

I am proud to announce the birth of our first foal of 1999 - a gorgeous chestnut filly with a skunk tail already!! She is by El Majiid (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Jellabia [x Ansata Ibn Sudan]) and out of Tajique (Shaikh Al Badi x Ghazaa [x *Soufian]). A narrow star and strip, two white hind pasterns (I think!). Gorgeous head, tall and fancy already - and a sweetie to boot! Watch for new pictures of her coming soon! Two more due this week yet too! Sheri Mose Mose Arabians Home Page

*~Carol Ferguson~*
G.H. VENTURE has a new son out of Y-SPRING POETRY and he is just the cats meow. We love him I am hoping to get pictures in soon.This is a very upright colt with a long hip and super head so watch for him in the show ring in the new millinium in Scottsdale.

*~Arabian Hills*~
1999 Colt by Thee Desperado out of Bluewater Indigo x (Nabiel). Pretty black/gray colt with small white star. Will be up on the web site soon. At

Hillside Arabians and Tajhan (*Farazdac X Antaja by Mohssen) would like to announce the arrival of three new additions to our farm. The first was a liver/grey triple registered NSH filly out of Midnight Medaglia (Hot Commodity X Black Medaglia). She was born January 5, 1999 and at Easter stands 13h. She tall, refined, typy, and be a little show stopper!
The second to arrive was a very dark liver stud colt with a star, thin strip, right hind sock to ankle and partial cornet on left hind. He is out of Zohar Zandelah (Al San Zan X ZHR Port Kassana). He was born April Fool's day and is very high percentage Egyptian bred. He has been imprinted at birth and will be offered for sale.
Our third came April 6th. He is a bright red chestnut with no markings. He is out of ZHR Port Kassana (AAF Kaset X mare by Port Bask). He is Egyptian Related with lines to *Bask, *Aladdinn, Ansata Ibn Sudan, and Hassan through his dam. He was also imprinted at birth and will be offered for sale. We are still expecting two partbred foals, three straight Egyptian foals, and another purebred. A couple of these foals may be offered for sale. You can contact me at or visit my web site at

*~Arabian Hills~*
We are pleased to announce the arrival of *Ombre Rose AH's new filly by The Minstril. She can be viewed on our web site at Very pretty chestnut filly with a small star and two white socks. Stunning grey colt by Thee Desperado out of mare Bluewater Indigo [Nabiel]. Over all an outstanding colt. Great legs, upright neck, very nice head and eyes. E-mail

*~Black Rose Arabians~*
Fahl Creation had a black/bay colt this morning at 3:00 a.m. She had a really hard labor and he is huge. Randy had to help her get the foal out. Looks like I'll have to call the vet as she hasn't passed the after birth yet. The sire is Black Coffee. Foal has 2 socks, snip and Coffees famous star.

*~Hillside Arabians~*
Zohar Port Kasanna foaled April 7th a dark chestnut stud colt. He is big!! Star, Partial Strip, Snip, White sock on the right hind and Partial cornet on the right front. This guy is extremely athletic and is a real go getter. His breeding goes to *Farazdac, Mohssen, *Ansata Ibn Halima, *Morafic, *Moftakhar, Aladdin (through AAF Kaset) and *Bask (through Port Bask). He is definate performance, halter, and possible stallion prospect.
ZHR Zandelah foaled on April 1st a dark chestnut stud colt. Very refined, typy. Star, Strip, Snip, White sock on the right hind and Partial cornet on the left hind. This guy is a real sweetheart. He is more of your pleasure/family type horse- he loves attention and does not want to stray far from mom. His grand dam is the above mare and his sire is Tajhan... his breeding includes all of the above plus *Hassan through Ibn Hassan.
Ananeesa foaled on April 27th a dark chestnut/grey stud colt. Unfortunately, I was despretely hoping for a filly. He sports a narrow blaze. He is gorgeous, a real cutie. Tall, leggy, typy- he is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Saglawi in strain, that about says it all. :) He is by Tajhan, his dam's breeding includes Sar Ibn Moniet, *Morafic, *Ramses el Din, Ibn Morafic, and *Ibn Moniet el Nefous. A definate herd sire pedigree, a winning halter prospect, and an unbelievable trot!
Mystala foaled just the 22nd a dark dark chestnut/grey stud colt. Again, I was intent on a filly- after she foaled two stud colts I was have bet the farm this one was to be a filly. He has a tiny star, a very faint snip, and a small white spot on the right cornet. This guy is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, and Dhaman in strain. He is very leggy. Good type, excellent conformation. He is by Tajhan and his dam's breeding includes: Rasmoniet RSI, Bint Moniet el Nefous, Nabiel +/ , *Morafic and El Hilal.
Romancethestone foaled on the 23rd an amazing dark chocolate chestnut/grey FILLY. My first filly for the year. She has a bold wide full blaze which comes down off the side of her face on the left side, and a large white sock on the right hind. She is good sized, very refined, and extremely long legged. Her sire is Alaa El Dac. He was a *Farazdac son out of an Egyptian/ *Raffles, Rasyen bred mare. Romancethestone's breeding includes Wing NA +++ by *Elkin, Shahsk by Ansata Shah Zam, *Raffles, and old desert breeding. She is a gorgeous replacement for her mama.
Tatoos Fancy Lady also foaled on the 23rd. A cutie partbred chestnut/grey colt. He has a Star, full Snip, and back white sock on the right. He is very refined and typy. He has a wonderful family type disposition and would make an excellent halter and performance prospect.
A few select foals are available for purchase. Contact Hillside Arabians at for additional info.

*~Double 'F' Farm~*
Double 'F' Farm announces: The beautifully exotic black-bay Imperial Samiitah (Ibn Safinaz x Imperial Imalana) foaled late last Wednesday night. She foaled a bay colt by The Atticus (The Minstril x Alijamila). He has his mother's exotic head with huge, dark eye, small tippy ears, gorgeous neck,set high on a laid back shoulder; he has a short back with long, strong legs with good bone, with some white on right front and rear. He has a small star and a striking snip over his nose. He has an extremely commanding presence that reflects his name - 'Handsome King'!

*~Seabloom Arabians~*
July 28, 1999

Seabloom Arabians of B.C., Canada would like to announce the birth of Zarmida ( Zarmid x Tarea Cotta) a big beautiful filly born July 28, 1999. She was named as a tribute to her sire, Zarmid who passed away Nov. 28, 1998. Zarmida is Al Khamsa, Blue List. She is a bright chestnut but could go grey. Her bloodlines include Hallany Mistanny, Sirecho, Fadl, Turfa, Ansata Ibn Halima. We will no longer be breeding these wonderful horses, so this last foal of Zarmid, is very special.

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