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Arab Talk Cover Kid

Meet Arab Talk's Cover Kid, the Arabian stallion Tsolid Gold, owned by Sheila Hardie of RendezVu Farm

Welcome to the homepage for the exciting e-mail forum, Arab Talk. Arab Talk hopes that you enjoy your visit and please check back regularly for new stories and events!

What's New?

Dear Arab Talk members,

It is with great saddness that I write this email. I have come to the decision to discontinue the publishing of Arab Talk after 3 years of publication.

As I enter a new phase in my life and head towards college this fall, I have decided to put Arab Talk on hold until I settle into a new lifestyle. I may find the time to restart Arab Talk in the future but until then, our email publications will be shut down. Our website will continue to be online for the time being, although it will be undergoing construction within the next few months.

I am thankfull for all of the great people I have been able to meet as a result of publishing Arab Talk. Thank you to all of you, especially those who have been with us since the first issue over 3 years ago.

Best of luck and happy trails to all of you,

Sissy Crane
Editor, Arab Talk

Coming Soon The Arab Talk Birth Annoucement Pages will be coming soon. Check back within the coming week for their appearance.

Congratulations to our new '00 Most Classic Arabian, Sameha, owned by Earl & Margaret Acker. For complete results of the contest, please click here.

Wanted: Arab Talk is looking for several contributing writers for the 2000 year. If you are interested in contributing to our site, please email us at

Strongid Celebrates 10 Years

This year, Pfizer Animal Halth is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its daily anthelmintic, Strongid C. For a decade, Strongid C has helped provide better health for horses by continuosly protecting them from the dangerous daily threat of parasite infestation.
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Since these traditional purge products are only in the horse's system for about two days, parasites often have months to migrate through the body, causing damage to vital organs such as the liver and the lungs. Strongid C however kills parasites before they migrate, before they can impair a horse's health & performance.

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Legends of the Magical Arabian

Exerpted from A Teacher's Guide to the Arabian Horse
The Bedouins believed white markings were a sign of the horse's worth or a prediction of the horse's performance in battle. A horse without markings on its legs and with a star on its forehead was the most prized of all horses. If a horse had a stripe reaching down to its lips, its master would never be without milk. Two white hindfeet were as indication of good fortune on the battlefield, and two white forefeet were a sure sign of destruction.

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